Chasing Sunsets Abroad | @chasingsunsetsabroad

Chasing Sunsets Abroad | @chasingsunsetsabroad

I know I’ve been MIA lately - life has really gotten in the way.
But I need to share, one of my fave things about NYC, the #surprise pop up #concerts. Quite a way to start #humpday
Also, although at ...
I didn’t plan to post this but a friend told me it defined me perfectly. Although I don’t support the history behind thanksgiving I love taking the time to reflect on everything going on in my life. Thankful for the ...
Hiking is always one of my faves when traveling. The day we went up to the highest point in the Tijuca Forest we were dropped off in the wrong place by the Uber, hiked in the wrong direction for 30+ ...
A true staple in Rio, the Escadaria Selarón, Jorge Selarón life long project began as a distraction from his work as a painter.
Although never deemed complete, these stairs transformed the poor, rundown Santa Teresa district into a creative hub ...
The happiness in my face is how I’ve felt throughout this trip despite all the obstacles we faced.
I can’t believe it’s already over but can’t wait to start writing about it.
Leave a comment below with what you’re most ...
Knowledge is power.

The Royal Reading Room in Rio houses over 350,000 Portuguese pieces of work and although visitors are not allowed to touch them it’s a peaceful place to read & write.
Salvador has some of the best spots to catch a Brazilian sunset including the Lighthouse of Barra.
Unfortunately, the evening was too cloudy for me to fully enjoy the experience 😩
I’ve made it to Rio but still obsessing over Salvador.

This trip has been very different than most but has brought me so much happiness when I didn’t know I needed it. So excited for all that’s still to come! ...
How can you match with the wall & not pose for a picture.

Any guesses on what my next location change will be? Leave a comment below! 😊✈️
Visiting Parque Aves should be on the top of your list at Foz do Iguaçu.

Nearly 50% of birds housed in this center have been rescued from abuse & trafficking. It works as a sanctuary & recovery center for animals ...
The vibrant, colorful bills of toucan provides the best camouflage in the rainforest. The Toco Toucan is the largest in it’s family and the most well-known species.
Caligo brasiliensis - check out my InstaStory for my snaps in Parque Das Aves, a shelter & rehabilitation center for animals from all over the world.
Can you believe these falls completely dried out for 28 days in May & June of 1978 for the first time in over 40 years.
P.S. The falls are at their strongest from November-March during the rainy season.
Trust me, if you’re ever in Foz do Iguaça you have to make a trip to the Argentian side of the Iguaza Falls 😍👌🏼
Nature is a force to be reckoned with. Check out my InstaStory for a closer look at one of the 7 Nature World Wonders.
Location change! Brazil is making falling in love too easy 😍
What’s the first thing you fall in love with when you travel?
📸: @bloomingsoulmag 🦋
Always catch me eating some local food or yapping away, started my time in Brazil doing a little bit of both 🙃🤷🏻‍♀️
Still can’t believe this was part of Pablo Escobar’s “jail”- just imagine the view on a sunny day. More Colombia posts making it to the blog soon #staytuned
With stairs like this all over Medellín I can only imagine how strong the leg muscles of locals are! 😂 Go read the first couple posts about my time in Medellín, including my experience with the metrocables, which have brought ...
Can you tell my current obsession with Street Art? Medellin just continued to feed the obsession 😍. I’ll be sharing more photos & details about my experience on the blog soon #staytuned

P.S. Google search “Pictopia Medellin” to find this ...
Experiencing a soccer game in Colombia is one thing but to be watching the one that determined if the team got into the World Cup was golden - the Colombian pride & joy was in the air last night ✨🇨🇴
One of the biggest drug lords in the world, Pablo Escobar, is also praised in Medellin for constantly having helped poorer barrios - watch my #instastory to keep up with me in Colombia
This IG is strictly about travels but yesterday was my grandmas 80th birthday celebration and I’m filled with so much genuine happiness and love it’s impossible not to share
I took this picture in between scattered rainfall, the happiness on my face is the same happiness that I feel when thinking of my overall experience there. Check out my first post about the island #linkinbio
With all that’s happening in Puerto Rico, it’s taken me some time to articulate my thoughts about my trip but I’m finally doing it. I hope my words can captivate you as much as the island did me. #linkinbio
This firework show on the East River was a great unplanned ending to the weekend, thanks NYC for making it so easy to love ya 🎆✨
#chasingsunsetsabroad #travelingendlessly #travelblog #travelblogger #latina #latinaBlogger #dominican #newyork #newyorkCity ...
My Philadelphia favorites on the blog now! 💙 #linkinbio
The oldest residential street in the nation, dating back to 1702, was never part of the original Philadelphia plan

P.S. I’ve been MIA but still working, the Philly itinerary will be up tonight! 🤗 #staytuned
I don’t think Rocky would appreciate everyone just lounging on his steps 😅🤷🏻‍♀️

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