"Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?" 🇺🇸 Sesión de 📷 a @raquelsg98
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Do not allow anything to destroy your inner peace.
Lo siento.
📸la preciosa @thelittlelemonade
The year is coming to an end now!
Wanted to thank all people who supported me in 2017! You are the best!!! 💕
Looking forward to a new beginning now!
What are your plans for 2018?
By great
"Não vês que somos viajantes?
E tu me perguntas:
Que é viajar?
Eu respondo com uma palavra: avançar!
Experimentais isto em ti
Que nunca te satisfaças com aquilo que és
Para que sejas um dia aquilo que ainda não és.
Its like learning to fly, or falling in love
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Today'sshooting . ・

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“Find beauty not only in the thing itself but in the pattern of the shadows, the light and dark which that thing provides.” ~Junichiro Tanizaki | model: @nikkicat_fit | #bodyscape #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessinspiration #photography #photographer #modeling #photooftheday #bestoftheday #instagood #love ...
Back in the city but my mind is still in the desert osasis🌵💛
How We Got Here - The Best Documentary Ever Purchase Today For The Fight On 15th Here: How We Got to Now is a British-American factual television series that was broadcast on PBS in 2017 and BBC Two in 2017. The series was commissioned...
Instagram Inspiração para fotógrafos Faaaala galera, trouxe aqui alguns instagrans que eu sigo e acho que servem de inspiração para vários tipos de fotografos, se você gostou curta e se inscreva no canal, e se você conheçe...
ISLAND - ICE AND FIRE Ísland oder auch Garðarsholmur (Gardarsholm) ist eine atemberaubende Vulkaninsel südlich des nördlichen Polarkreises. Ísland ist nicht nur die größte Vulkaninsel der Erde, sondern auch...
Relaxing Piano Music Vol.1 + Bonustrack! B u e n a s U t ó p i c o s ! ! ! ESP/ENG (below) Hoy domingo para terminar la semana vamos a hacerlo de forma relajada no?? Después de una semana intensa, de un entrenamiento ...
//2017// Some of my favorite moments of my year 2017. Follow my journey by hitting that subscribe button. Like this video if you think I deserve it. Hope you enjoyed the video. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
Post Apocalyptic Concept Shoot The Hunt: Episode 9 A collaborative effort with @annamariahouse @rebalien and @lindseypalenartistry. We wanted to test out some new lights and just make something happen. Many thank to: ...
Kojo Vlog 1 First vlog, just a compilation of different clips over the past 5-6 months.
Neon Lights FIND ME: Instagram: misastahlova Snapchat: misa.stahlova Twitter: StahlovaM Tumblr: michellestahel Blog: Audio credit: Holy Rain - Soar.
How NOT To Do Your Make Up In High School!! Back To School Make Up!!... Hey, guys! Can we get this video to 50 thumbs up?! In today's video, I show you how NOT to do your make up in high school! Most people start to learn how to use makeup during high school and...
Summer Stance Behind the scenes of Vorged Society Summer Stance car show. Keep a look out for more shows coming up and follow me on my social media accounts below. Video by Justin Smigley https://www.instagra...

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