Fox News may have just interviewed the smartest man alive.


Giant pipes wash up on beaches - BBC News

Giant pipe segments have washed up on the coast of Norfolk. The 8ft (2.4m) diameter plastic pipes, with the longest beached segment 1,574ft (480m) long, washed up at Winterton and Sea Palling. They

Best BANNED Commercials of All Time

These are the best banned commercials of all time! 0:01 Perfect Match (Go Daddy 2013 Super Bowl Ad) 0:30 Mentos Rainbow (Netherlands) 0:55 Cut the Cheese (Bud Light) 1:55 Dog Collar

12 Year Old Genius Jacob Barnett on Glenn Beck

From The March 30, 2011 edition of Fox News' "Glenn Beck" 12 year old boy genius Jacob Barnett and family on Glenn Beck. Jacob has set out to disprove the Big Bang Theory. For more info on this