How to recolor in Superimpose// Tutorial


Selena Gomez Twin Manip | ash`

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Faceswap Tutorial with Superimpose (Easy)

This is a faceswap tutorial of me using the App Superimpose which is available in the App Store or in the PlayStore! Song: Me,Myself&I x Love Yourself (Mashup) My instagram accounts: Main account:

How to : Face Swap (Superimpose/Selena Gomez)

This is my first time editing while recording it and I hope it still looks okay. The Manip isn't perfect I know. There is still a few mistakes I have to edit but this is just to give you guys an idea


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my tips to have a successful fanpage ♡

Open for unicorns ♥♥♥ Hey ! don't hate on this video please, i just want to give you some tips that maybe can help you to grow up your instagram fan page ! I hope you guys enjoy this video

How to: change hairstyles using Superimpose!

I'm going to get a lot busier stqrting monday because of school so here you go! Another tutorial :) hope you guys like it. My phone is a bit lag while i was recording this so sorry about that

How To Change Hair Color With Superimpose💗

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how to retouch/makeup in superimpose!

OPEN ME! - - - - - - - - - - - hello all! so since i was bored (lmao) i made a tutorial on a random edit of mine. hope you all like it, do not forget to leave comments about this video please! also