How to install EROTIK (XXX) ADDON for XBMC/KODI 100% working adult movies 18+ ONLY



Hi this video is I will be showing you how to get access to adult movies on kodi. This tutorial is very easy and fast and I hope you

Adult Content Add-on Kodi

Kodi and XBMC BEST Adult Addon Content use this repo , has changed after the tutorial was created . http://kodi.metalkettle.co Join Facebook Group :

The Best Adult (XXX) ADD-ON for Kodi / XBMC

In this video, this add on is by far the best for adult content. Just follow the video instructions for the best channel of adult content. URL: http://transform.mega-tron.tv Follow me

One Wizard One Click Tons Of XXX Adult On KODI

One Wizard, One Click, Tons Of XXX Adult On KODI. The title is self explanatory :) The XXX Adult KODI addon / wizard, Fists-O-Fury wizard can be found at the mega-tron repository. How to install all