Toddler Tiffany has Girl Power?!



This vlog starts on Labor Day with me and the kids playing basketball indoors. Then, the kids have a crazy dance off! Cali gets sad because she isn't going to school this year... The next morning

SevenSuperGirls and the Frozen Mermaids

This week on SevenSuperGirls is... Orlando Week!! In today's video the SevenSuperGirls find some mermaids at the door. What do they want? What happens when the SevenSuperGirls invite them in? For a

Lucy's Morning Routine

Lucy (AKA Kaelyn) shows you her morning routine...but she kinda returns to some of her old ways in the process. Let's just say she puts the D back in Drama! What is your favorite part of your morning

Jazzy's Power Shopping Trip!

OH NO! Jazzy only has 10 minutes to shop for 10 items at her favorite store! Will she find everything she needs in time before the store closes? Watch what happens! :D For a chance to get a shoutout

SevenSuperGirls Try Gymnastics

SevenGymnasticsGirls invited SevenSuperGirls to visit the gym and try gymnastics. Watch to find out how the super girls got on. Check out SevenGymnasticsGirls to see more videos of SevenSuperGirls

Frankenteen Gets Help from SSG!

Jenna is telling her fellow Seven Super Girls Jaidyn and Nicole a spooky story when a Frankenstein monster named Britney shows up. Is she a scary monster or just a scared teenager? Music by Kevin

Seven Super Babysitters!

Racheal has a school assignment to babysit a child, but when she has to babysit two bratty kids- Toddler Tiffany and Princess Lucy, things get CRAZY! The other super girls help out, but will Tiffany