GMS v171 3 Kinesis FMA Hack


ImRhinne Botting/Hacking ???

Read my comment in the comment section. thank you, i will remove this video if it is actually a big problem for many people. 8-23-2016 UPDATE: So after nexon investagated their log imrhinne has been

Luminous VS Kinesis

THE SERIES IS BACK :D Unless Drean stops saying "Fite" GOD DAMN U DREAN I HATE U SO MUCH I LOVE YOU T^T ***I have received permission from my opponent to use his/her video on my channel*** Dreany's

Kinesis (Lvl 213) vs Bosses (Solo)

Bosses in this video and timestamps: 0:00 - 1:24 - Normal Horntail 1:24 - 3:29 - Chaos Horntail 3:29 - 3:49 - Normal Ranmaru 3:49 - 4:49 - Madman Ranmaru 4:49 - 5:00 - Prison Guard Ani 5:00 - 5:43 -

Lv. 210 Kinesis vs Hard Magnus

I talk about the Kinesis class compared to Luminous and my thoughts and opinions on both. GMS Kinesis solos Hard Magnus trevor said to write something funny here: moist